Hoarding Panels Installed for Adlington

The Hoarding Printing team have been working closely with Adlington over the past few years. We pride ourselves on quality and feel very humble when customers ask to use our services time and time again.

Adlington Indepetent Living provides luxury homes for discerning mature phases. Their company is part of the Glad Man Group who have been in the industry of development for 30 years. Adlington are based in the North East, Cheshire and Scotland.


Site Survey

Before our team get to work on any project, it is imperative that we undergo a site survey. The site survey consists of many safety checks and test as well as measurements and discussing materials and designs with our customers.

Hoarding Panels Creation

The Hoarding team had been asked to create and install 42 hoarding panels for the new development site for Adlington’s next project in Southport.

When creating the hoarding boards, we used disband materials. Disband consist of two strong, weatherproof aluminium sheets sandwiched between a rigid PVC centre. Dibond can last up to 7 years which is great for a construction site. Each hoarding panel was coated with anti-graffiti laminate coating. The coating makes the disband surface even more durable as well as easy to clean.

Our hoarding team were also tasked with adding a peep hole into some of the hoarding boards. This is so that the passing public can take a look at the progress of the ongoing project.

After creating 42 hoarding panels at our headquarters, it was time to hand them over to our installation team. Creating each hoarding panel at our headquarters saved time and money for the end user as we had already taken measurements during the site survey. This then gives us the opportunity to get to work without any distractions which also gives us a faster processing time.

Installation Team

At Hoarding Printing we have our very own installation team. Having our own installation team again saves money for the end user as there is no need to pay another installation to install the hoarding panels. It also means that we can oversee the whole project from start to finish and make sure that it is finished to a very high standard.


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