Bespoke Hoarding In Ennerdale

Bespoke Hoarding In Ennerdale

Our hoarding team were asked to come up with various bespoke hoarding ideas to cover up large pipes used to pump water to the top of Ben Gill at Ennerdale in the Lake District.

As always, we sent one of the hoarding team out to outgo a full site survey in order to get the best results possible.

As part of a lengthy project, temporary pipes had to be installed at a site in Ennerdale Water.  As we all know, pipes can be some what unsightly to say the least. The Parker Design team proposed that they were covered to protect the public and inform them at the same time of what United Utilities were doing throughout the works.

Bespoke Hoarding Design

We designed and built a bespoke wooden frame on site to fit around the pipes to make the on going work look neat and tidy. We devised the frame to be made on site so that it could be adjusted whilst working on it. We then clad the frame with Dibond hoarding as you can see in the image below. Dibond panels were used to keep costs low but also to be resilient to the lake district weather


Anti-Graffiti Laminate

The hoarding had anti-graffiti laminate applied which protected the graphics and enhanced them at the same time. We also had to take into account the pipes might need to be hooked up to the pumps at any time. The panels were printed at fine art hi resolution to give maximum impact.  Parker design designed the hoarding in such a way as to give passers-by information about the project.


We also created a wall of mirrored Dibond to hide the generators powering the pumps. The mirrored Dibond reflected the fantastic scenery around Ennerdale Water.

All of the products created were built to last and have now been in place for nearly two years


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