At we have our own professional and fully qualified hoarding installation team. If we have printed the hoarding then we are able to install hoarding panels across the UK.

Our installation team have worked on multiple hoarding installs and are capable of working independently. The team will work closely with your site manager to ensure that they meet all health and safety requirements on the site. The team can also be flexible with working times. On a recent job the team had to take alter their work patterns to take account of rush hour traffic. All of this must be planned in advance so it is vital you communicate this with us early.

How our hoarding installation team works.

At we install hoarding to pre-existing fencing. We do not have the capability to construct frames to house your hoarding graphics so please bear this in mind. We take great care to ensure that the graphic element is not spoiled. To do this we secure all graphics through the top and bottom edges alone. To affix the graphics we use discreet screws, which can be covered with a cap if required. By using screws the hoarding graphics can be removed much more easily at the end of the project. It also means that the panels can be changed during the project to reflect any changes in marketing you wish to make.

To finish header and kicker boards are used to cover any face fixings and staggered graphic panels. These are available in any printed colour, although black or white are the most cost effective. An example of header and kicker boards can be seen in this hoarding installation our team provided below.

Contact us.

Our hoarding installation team can only be supplied if we have printed the graphics. If you are interested in having us supply hoarding for your site then give us a call on us on 01625 435 130 or send us an e-mail today.