Hoarding Design & Installation for Holmes Naden

Hoarding Design & Installation for Holmes Naden

Spiral Colour were given a hoarding board challenge by property developer Holmes Naden to come up with the perfect hoarding design and installation service in Cheshire.

Holmes Naden Property Development was established in 1992. They have a passion for property in all shapes and sizes but distinctive, quality homes come as standard. They aim to make property sales and purchases as smooth as possible.

Site Survey & Hoarding Design

Our team were asked to do a site survey for Holmes Naden Property Development. The site survey turned out to be invaluable as the area was very hilly meaning we’d have to come up with a design to suite the layout pattern of the hoarding

Our site survey includes measuring the rise and fall of the ground and creating a scaled schematic diagram in Adobe InDesign. This aids designers and installers alike. It aids the graphic designers as they are able to see how each panel lies in relation to each other. This allows the designer to create accurate print ready artwork quickly and easily, whilst allowing all to see how the lay of the land affects the hoarding panels. The time spent at this early stage also enables us to install the hoarding panels quickly towards the end on in the project.

Hoarding Design and Installation

The hilly area together with naturally occurring obstructions offered a few challenges. We also marked any obstructions on the diagram to allow designers to pick and choose where to position important text and where to position images. The reason we do this is because we don’t want an object such as a lamppost to get in the way of valuable information.
Below is an image showing how the team takes care of the first stage of the hoarding design to make sure that the image makes sense. This is done by cutting the image into sections to see how the hoarding will look during it’s final appearance.

Quality Printing & Service

We also checked the quality of the images, helping the designer save the images at a high enough resolution to be reproduced at 8 foot high.

The installation team were completed in just a few days of days on a hoarding fence that covered over 70 metres.

The hoarding design consisted of panels being printed on the 2 metre x 3 metre flatbed press at “fine art” quality giving a superb quality. Because our flatbed press is bigger than most, we are able to print multiple hoarding panels at the same time, giving us extra time to install the boards. This time saving is passed on to you with beautifully printed hoarding panels at a great price.



More Information

If you wish to discuss hoarding design and installation with our team who are experienced in designing, printing and insytalling hoarding, don’t hesitate to call us on 01625 435 130. You can also call us if you’d like to arrange a Site Survey.

If you’d like to know more information about hoarding design and installation or our hoarding services in general, please visit our website.


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