Construction Site Hoarding

Another project finished by the hoarding team and we think it looks fantastic! This particular constriction site hoarding project was created for Abbey View Homes. Abbey View Homes have some amazing plans to build many homes on this plot. Because of the construction site, Abbey View Homes were in need of hoarding to block the eye sore and keep those passing by safe from debris.

Construction Site Hoarding Survey

Before every job that the hoarding team take on, we send an experienced team member to undergo a site survey. This consists of discussing with Abbey View Homes their needs including colours, images, fonts etc. We also take on site measurements for hoarding to be created at our headquarters. As you can see in the images, the surface was uneven. Once the designs had been uploaded on the computer, our design team were able to ensure that the design ran smoothly across the whole of the hoarding without any images or text being hard to make out.

Construction Site Hoarding Creation

After measuring the hoarding, the measurements were passed on to the team at our headquarters to start work on the hoarding. Creating hoarding at our headquarters saves time and money for the end user as the hoarding can be transported to the building site and installed knowing that the fit will be perfect from previous measurements.

Once the designs had been uploaded on the computer, our design team were able to ensure that the design ran smoothly, flowing evenly throughout the hoarding once fitted onto the uneven surfaces.

To ensure that the hoarding design on the hoarding doesn’t become damaged, we apply anti graffiti laminate. We also raised the hoarding off the ground, making it easier for passers to see everything without stones getting in the way.

The hoarding team also added branding the Abbey View Homes sales office. We used foamex boards and installed them their new office. Customers won’t be able to miss the sales office and the foamex will last for years without becoming faded or damaged.

Contact Spiral

If you would like to get in touch to find out any information about our services, or would to discuss hoarding for your construction site hoarding needs, please call our team on 01625 435 130 or visit our contact page.

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