Hoarding Board Design

The hoarding board creations had been designed and installed for Hall & Co Property Development. Hall & Co Property Development have a huge ongoing building project to create 28 homes which are exclusive and gated in a private, wooden enclave with easy access to the countryside and a nearby golf course.

On Site Survey

To start the hoarding board project off, we sent a team member from Spiral Hoarding to undergo a site survey. This included taking measurements to ensure that each hoarding board is a perfect fit when it comes to installation. This will also save time once the boards are ready to install. The survey also consisted of discussing hoarding requirements with the team at Hall & Co.

After we had taken on site measurements, it was time to design and create the hoarding boards at our headquarters. Creating each hoarding board at headquarters saves time and therefore money for the end user and the boards will be a perfect fit and installation will be quick and efficient.


The job at Hand

There were elements of this hoarding project that could have proved difficult. This was because we had to apply a hoarding board across an uneven brick wall. However, thanks to our design team who used the correct software to put the design in place, the boards were ready to be printed in no time and installed without any uneven text or images. To make the hoarding board more visible to the public, we also added a frame.

The design team also created hoarding in the form of a gate. This was created so that the builders could enter the building site with ease. The design team again used software to ensure that the design flows smoothly once the gates are closed.

Hoarding Board Installation Team

We choose to use our own installation team at Spiral Hoarding. The reason for this is so that we can oversee the project from to start to finish and ensure that it is done to a high standard. Providing our own installation team again saves time and money for the end user as they don’t have to find another company to install each hoarding board.

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