TrustFord Hoarding in Wilmslow

TrustFord Hoarding in Wilmslow

Our hoarding team were asked to install and create hoarding in Wilmslow, Cheshire for TrustFord.  TrustFord are a Ford dealership with 47 centres across the UK.

Hoarding In Wilmslow Site Survey

Before every hoarding project is carried out, we send an experienced member of our hoarding team to under go a free site survey. Once the survey has been completed, our team will then be ready to design and install your hoarding.


TrustFord needed hoarding in Wilmslow because they were renovating their old showroom. The hoarding boards informed the public that they were still open for business whilst construction work was taking place.
We created the central hoarding and placed it around the perimeter of the land facing the A34, a very busy road with a huge amount of traffic to see the hoarding.

There were three repeated designs. Each hoarding panel had a 6ft high frame with 4ft by 8ft landscape panels. We left a 2ft gap between the ground and the bottom of the hoarding to ensure that the hoarding could be seen by passing traffic.

Dibond Hoarding Panels

The hoarding panels were made with Dibond material.  Dibond is made up of two 0.3mm thick sheets of aluminium with a black PVC board sandwiched in the middle.  The Dibond material has a life span of around 5-7 years and is printing on our UV press, giving longer life to printer graphics.
The boards have a robust nature and we laminated in gloss anti-graffiti laminate. The anti-graffiti laminate protects and enhances the graphics. It is also suitable for cleaning with strong detergents when required.

Printing & Installation Services

Our hoarding team receive bespoke hoarding requests from many companies on a daily basis. If a client is in need of hoarding, the hoarding team are here to deliver. We have in-house installation teams ready to send to each job, this takes the worry away from installing the hoarding yourself or having to have someone else install the boards for you.

We will work closely with designers to ensure that the end result will as envisaged by the customer.  Our experience means we will be able to advise from the start of the project until it is completed and beyond.  Having our own installation teams, means we have full accountability, and control, over each job.

Contact Our Hoarding Team

Our hoarding teams create and supply hoarding around the whole of the UK. If you are interested in learning more about having hoarding created for your business, please dont hesitate to call us on 01625 435 130

Also feel free to visit our Contact page.

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